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Sterile Face Mask

Whether you're on the subway, on the plane, at the office, or at home, this disposable mask is perfect for discreetly protecting your health. Our masks are lightweight and made of breathable mesh material that is more comfortable than other masks on the market. Made of 2 layers nylon/spandex material with no latex or rubber.

Medical face masks are an inexpensive, simple solution to preventing the spread of infection. When worn properly, they can filter out many of the germs which cause illnesses like the flu. They also reduce the number of germs that get on your hands when you cough or sneeze.

With the spread of diseases such as the flu, more and more people are wearing masks to protect themselves. Masks are easy to use and allow for breathing. They also help prevent the spread of infection.

You want to be able to work & travel while avoiding the risk of getting sick. This face mask is perfect for you. These masks are lightweight, discreet, and come with 2 layers of nylon/spandex for easy breathing. So you can be confident that the people around you will not know that you're wearing one.

You care about your health, but you might not realize how many germs are on your face, hands, and even the air you breathe. It's time to protect yourself with a quick, easy solution. With this sterile-grade face mask, you can ensure that your skin is protected from airborne germs, colds, and flu. You can also avoid the transmission of colds or other infections to others. Prevent the spread of germs.

These masks are perfect for traveling, for flu season, or just for every day. They protect your face from pollens, allergens, and other pesky things that can't be seen. Wear them with style to work or out on the town.

Made of lightweight breathable mesh material. The pattern on the mask is also fashionable this year. The mesh pattern will not obstruct your vision while wearing it. So you are not only protecting your face but also your eyes. It is a stylish way to protect yourself against germs, pollution, or airborne particles in crowded areas like airports, bus stations, etc.

Medical face masks are easy to use and allow for breathing. Masks are simple to put on and take off. They can be left on the face for up to 12 hours without causing any irritation, and allow for normal breathing. The masks can also be reused; they should be washed with soap and water after every use, and then air-dried before reuse.

Protect yourself from all forms of pollution. A face mask is an easy way to reduce your exposure to air contaminants as well as germs, allergens, and oils. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of wearing a face mask as well as provide some tips for choosing the best mask for your needs.

Stay healthy and avoid illness everyday with these medical grade face masks. These high quality masks are crafted to fit the contours of the face, allow breathing while filtering out irritants, and can be worn in any situation.These masks are crafted to fit the contours of the face. Breathing is possible while wearing these masks as they allow air in from the front only. They can be worn in any situation as it is lightweight and one size fits all.


  • Made to exacting specifications
  • Multiple layers of sterile material to filter harmful particles
  • Highest level of protection against airborne particles.
  • Clean, smooth design for comfortable wear.
  • Widely used in hospitals to protect patients from infection.
  • Made with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum protection.
  • Protect yourself from airborne irritants, germs, allergens, and all other forms of pollution.
  • Can be used in various circumstances


The flexible material bands around the ears to provide coverage, comfort, and ease of use. Made with soft, breathable fabric. The face cover is comfortable, washable and reusable for practicing healthy habits every day. You can easily wash and dry for daily use!

The Distinction Between Non-Medical and Medical Masks

Masks are a necessity in today's world. Masks are used for medical reasons, as well as to protect oneself from dangerous pollutants in the environment. It is important that the public understands how masks work and why they are necessary.

The primary distinction between sterile and non-sterile medical masks is the level of sterilization and compliance with applicable regulations. Non-sterile masks indicate that medical masks have not been sterilized after production and may contain additional microorganisms. Medical masks are fixed, which improves their protection function. In summary, three distinctions exist. Medical masks are manufactured and sanitized according to specific standards and are mainly used by medical personnel. Non-sterilized masks are utilized in a broader range and by many people.

The distinction in protective effect is as follows: Both non-medical and medical masks effectively protect against specific pathogens and particles, although fixed covers are more effective. Medical masks can prevent various liquids from splashing into the air, such as blood, bodily fluids, and secretions. The protection effect is superior to that of non-medical masks.

How do you pick a face mask?

  • Choose face masks with strong filtration capabilities for increased effectiveness. Masks donated by the People's Association and the Temasek Foundation are examples of masks.
  • When purchasing a face mask, look for the following features:
  • Fabric masks with at least two to three layers When held against the light, the material should not be see-through as a general rule. 
  • Layers should ideally be produced from a variety of textiles, such as an outer layer that repels water.
  • Disposable filter inserts can be used as a middle filter layer to remove particles.
  • The inner absorbent layer absorbs drips from the wearer's mouth. 
  • Filtering fabrics with a higher efficiency
  • Fabrics that are porous enough to allow for breathing. 
  • To avoid exhaled droplet leakage, the mask should be a good fit around the face and chin with total coverage of the nose and mouth.
  • Exhalation valves should be avoided since they allow exhaled droplets to escape from the wearer, exposing others to the danger of infection.

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